Please view and download our PDF format menus which can easily be printed. Start with the Aloha Restaurant Information to keep on hand when ordering.

ALL MENUS HAVE BEEN UPDATED FOR 2023. Always check the prices with your order taker or server. Those with the * have been updated for September 2023.

From the Bar…

Speciality Drinks*

Regular Drinks*


Aloha Restaurant Information*

From the Menu…

Appetizers – Pu Pu Platter*

Soup – Chop Suey*

Egg Foo Yong – Chow Mein*

Lo Mein – Fried Rice*

Chow Yoke – Sweet and Sour*

Chicken – Vegetable Dishes – New Recommendations*

More New Recommendations – Chef’s Suggestions*

More Chef’s Suggestions – Beef and Pork*

Chinese Delights – Chicken and Seafood*

Mandarin Cooking and Family Dinners*

Luncheons, Szechuan, and Combination Plates*

American Dishes – Beverages*